IsoPlane 320A Imaging Spectrograph from Teledyne Princeton Instruments

3660 Quakerbridge Rd,
NJ 08619


Teledyne recently announced its new IsoPlane 320A (Advanced), a new spectrograph in its award-winning, aberration-corrected IsoPlane series. This latest model significantly advances the performance of this spectrometer class, both in terms of spectral and spatial imaging performance. Benefits of the IsoPlane aberration-corrected optical systems for researchers include higher sensitivity, improved signal to noise performance, superior spectral resolution and increased multitrack spectroscopic capabilities. The new IsoPlane Advanced optical design from Teledyne Princeton Instruments dramatically improves the spatial resolution across the 27 mm x 22 mm focal plane, allowing over 200 spectral tracks to be acquired simultaneously. Learn more about IsoPlane Advanced spectrographs on the product web page.