Alpha 300R Confocal Raman Microscope from WITec

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WiTec’s Alpha300 R is a confocal Raman microscopy system available in several configurations with different features to fulfill a wide variety of customer requirements. Whether you want to perform micro-Raman mapping or high-end 3D Raman imaging, as a Raman newcomer or an experienced user, in a scientific setting or an industrial laboratory, WITec offers the perfect Raman imaging solution for you. Key features and benefits • True confocality, ideally suited to depth profiling and 3D Raman image generation • Lateral resolution limited only by physical law • Spectral resolution down to 0.1 relative wavenumbers (@633 nm excitation) • Focus stabilization compensates for thermal and mechanical variations during long-term measurements • Laser wavelength selectable from UV to NIR • Throughput-optimized UHTS spectrometers with a variety of focal lengths • Fast Raman Imaging™ and Ultrafast Raman Imaging with motorized or piezo-driven scanning stages • 3D images and depth profiles with motorized or piezo-driven scanning stages For more information, contact, WITec North America, WITec Instruments Corp. Knoxville . TN 37922 . USA, PH: 865 984 4445, email: