AvaSpec-Hero from Avantes Inc

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The AvaSpec-Hero from Avantes Inc., is the top of the line spectrometer! Based on High Sensitivity Compact opti¬cal bench (f=100mm; NA=0.13) and a 1024x58 back thinned CCD detector, it offers the best of both worlds: Sensitivity and Resolution! The instrument is equipped with a TE Cooling enabling long integration times in low light applications. In con¬junction with our AS7010 electronics, including a high end AD convertor, noise is kept to a minimum, which offers you an excellent Signal to Noise and Dynamic Range performance. A selection of gratings and slits offers you the flexibility of configuring the instrument for a wide range of applica¬tions in the 200-1160nm range. From low light fluorescence applications to demanding Raman applications, the AvaSpec-Hero is your ideal companion. With the high speed USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet communication interface, the connection to your computer is fast and simple. Of course the Digital IO ports enabling external triggering, control of shut¬ters, and pulsed light sources from the Avantes line of instruments are available as well. For more information, contact Avantes, www.avantes.com, email: infoUSA@avantes.com, PH-866-678-4248