Auto ATR Sampling from Pike Technologies

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Pike Technologies recently release their new Auto ATR Sampling. The development of an automated ATR has been elusive despite ATR being the most popular mid-IR sampling technique. With new innovations these challenges have been met and the advantages of automation are realized with the introduction of the PIKE AutoATR. This new sampling accessory greatly enhances productivity of large-scale studies and facilitates routine measurements for high-throughput labs. It is suitable for making ATR measurements of liquids, gels, pastes, casted films and more. The AutoATR merges exciting new ATR crystals with a 24-well microtiter plate platform offering computer control of the X,Y stage, and enabling 24 unique ATR measurements to be conducted within one run. The single reflection ATR crystal is made from 500-µm thick silicon functionalized with multiple microprisms, and offers a full mid-IR spectral range. Silicon is an ideal multi-purpose ATR element and has an extremely inert sampling surface. The absorbance is comparable to a standard diamond ATR. For more information, contact, PIKE Technologies, Inc. email:, PH: 608-274-2721