Opotek Inc
2233 Faraday Ave
City : Carlsbad
State : CA
Zipcode : 92008
OPOTEK specializes in OPO tunable laser products that range from stand alone OPO modules to complete scientific instruments. We offer innovative products that provide flexibility, performance, economy, simplicity and reliability. Our main focus is to build dependable systems that not only excel in performance but are also easy to use and maintain. OPOTEK is devoted to developing new products in order to satisfy the requirements of increasingly demanding applications. We have delivered numerous custom-made systems that addressed stringent requirements that could not be met by commercially available products. We are always seeking industrial partnerships to develop application-specific products. Opotek Products: Radiant Radiant 355 Radiant 532 Radiant IR Phocus Phocus Mobile Phocus Mini Phocus Phocus Core Opolette Opolette 355 Opolette 532 IR Opolette IR Opolette 2940 Opolette DUV MagicPRISM All of our products are based on our patented designs and are manufactured in our facility in Carlsbad, California.


Mark Little 760-929-0770

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