Teledyne Princeton Instruments
3660 Quakerbridge Rd
City : Trenton
State : NJ
Zipcode : 08619
Princeton Instruments - now combined with Acton Research, designer and manufacturer of world renown monochromators and spectrographs as well as high-performance optical coatings - is the world\'s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance light detection systems for spectroscopy, imaging and X-ray applications. Princeton Instruments has shaped the \"state of the art\" in CCD, EMCCD, and ICCD camera technologies since the early 1980s. Princeton Instruments\' key innovations include a first-in-the-industry spectroscopy camera which included a photodiode array (and later, the first to use a CCD), as well as the first high-performance, gated, intensified CCD camera. In addition to breaking new ground in the field of spectroscopy over the years, we have designed CCD cameras with the highest sensitivity available for scientific imaging applications (~2 e- rms read noise with QE >90%). And for high speed, low-light applications, we offer our no-compromise EMCCD cameras. The Acton brand of spectroscopy products - now part of the Princeton Instruments Spectroscopy Group - continuously delivers new technological standards, including: Acton Series of multi-grating monochromators and spectrographs Acton LS Series - Lens Spectrographs TriVista Triple Spectrograph Systems Acton Optics & Coatings, now available from Princeton Instruments, has a history of innovative design and manufacturing processes which began in the early 1960s with the development of VUV coatings and optical filters used primarily in analytical and aerospace applications. In the 1970s, Acton was involved in providing laser mirrors to the first excimer laser developers. Presently, Acton optics and optical coatings are produced for cutting-edge applications including semiconductor laser systems and excimer laser vision-correction instruments (LASIK), as well as a variety of analytical instrumentation systems.


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Product Showcase

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UV-enhanced silver coatings
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KURO:1200B Camera
Princeton Instruments just released their new KURO:1200B, the world’s first scientific CMOS camera system to implement back-illuminated sensor techn....
Princeton Instruments recently introduced their new SOPHIA-XO:2048 high-speed, ultra-low-noise camera, which is engineered to address even the most de....
UV-conversion coatings, Metachrome and Unichrome
Acton Optics & Coatings has redesigned a portion of its suburban Boston manufacturing facility specifically in order to enhance and expand the product....
SpectraPro HRS - 300
Princeton Instruments announced their new SpectraPro HRS-300, which is engineered to deliver both the outstanding spectral resolution and the astigmat....
BLAZE Spectroscopy Cameras
Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce ultra-high-performance BLAZE cameras for spectroscopy, featuring two revolutionary new sensors. BLAZE ca....
SpectraPro HRS-500
Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce the SpectraPro HRS-500, our most recent addition to the SpectraPro HRS series of spectrographs and monoc....
SpectraPro HRS-750
Teledyne Princeton Instruments, recently introduced the SpectraPro HRS-750, a new 750 mm focal length spectrograph and scanning monochromator that fea....