Pike Technologies
6125 Cottonwood Dr.
City : Madison
State : WI
Zipcode : 53719
PIKE Technologies was established in 1989 by Phil and Irene Brierley with the goal of creating a unique enterprise specializing in the imaginative design and creation of high quality custom spectroscopic accessories; thus the tag line “Spectroscopic Creativity”. They founded PIKE on the principle of making the life of the spectroscopist easier through replacing traditional, tedious sampling routines with a range of innovative products and techniques ... and all at an outstanding value! From the start, PIKE has been a family business. The name itself is an acronym for their family, formed from the initials of their names (Phil, Irene, Kathryn and Elizabeth). PIKE employees are an extension of this family and they enjoy a professional, but informal workplace where the focus is on taking care of the customer. Phil’s knowledge of optics, mechanics, and software along with his honesty and dedication earned him great respect. His fun-loving nature, thoughtfulness and loyalty made him many friends. He influenced the FTIR industry with high value accessories and dedication to never having an unhappy customer. Under his leadership, PIKE created a comprehensive line of sampling accessories including Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR), diffuse and specular reflectance, transmission cells and automation. The business consistently grew under his direction until his death in 1999. His ideals live on. Today, PIKE continues to specialize in the development and manufacture of accessories and optical systems that enhance the performance of commercial spectrometers. The product line has grown from the first PIKE Horizontal ATR, which set the industry price/performance standard, to over two thousand products. In the year 2000, PIKE Technologies moved from the original location to our building at 2901 Commerce Park Drive, Madison, Wisconsin. PIKE Technologies has continued to enjoy market growth with the addition of many new products and employees and has become the leading provider of sampling accessories for molecular spectroscopy. We soon outgrew our location on Commerce Park Drive and in the summer of 2008 we moved to our new location at 6125 Cottonwood Drive, also in Madison, Wisconsin. PIKE products are used in the petrochemical, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, agriculture, government and the material science industries as well as in many academic institutions around the world. They can be used for the analysis of organic and inorganic materials by FTIR, NIR, Raman and UV-VIS spectroscopy. Theory, detailed descriptions, and applications for PIKE accessories are available in our comprehensive product catalog. PIKE also specializes in the design and engineering of products for custom applications. PIKE products are available worldwide through direct sales via our website, telephone or fax as well as through a network of distributors around the world. Visit our International distributor’s page for more information.


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Product Showcase

PIKE MIRacle Single Reflection ATR Accessory
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Integrating Spheres
PIKE Technologies is introducing the next generation of integrating spheres designed for use with FTIR spectrometers. The spheres feature 3-inch diame....
PIKE Technologies 10Spec
The PIKE Technologies 10Spec is an optimized specular reflectance accessory designed to make high performance measurements of sample reflectivity. The....
UV-vis DiffusIR
PIKE Technologies introduces the UV-Vis DiffusIRTM diffuse reflectance accessory for research and routine measurements. Powered optical mirrors are di....
Pixie - A New Portable Hydraulic Pellet Press
PIKE Technologies introduces Pixie, a new portable hydraulic press for making high-quality KBr pellets. The ergonomic design allows users to make p....
YZ Autosampler
PIKE Technologies recently introduced their new YZ Autosampler, designed for sample transmission measurements where precise mapping is required. With ....
Jackfish Spectroelectrochemical Cell
Pike Technologies recently announced their The Jackfish SEC Spectroelectrochemical Cell is a complete, out-of-the-box solution for surface-sensitive s....
Auto ATR Sampling
Pike Technologies recently release their new Auto ATR Sampling. The development of an automated ATR has been elusive despite ATR being the most popul....
IRIS ATR Accessory
Pike Technologies new IRIS accessory is the go-to diamond ATR for every lab. It is designed to make IR sampling easy. You can expect high-quality spec....